5K run in March!!!

Well, I don’t know if I’m running before I can walk (excuse the pun) but after finishing week one of the ‘couch to 5K‘ program, I’ve only gone and booked a 5K run in March! Yep, an official run, one where you wear a number and supposedly look like a proper runner!


Although, I have enjoyed this week, and have got along really well with the walk/run program of it all.

Gradually over the next 9 weeks I will hopefully get to the stage of running the whole 3 miles!

I’m easily put off, never really finish anything I start. Hence the booking the race. It may just be the motivation I need to actually accomplish something.

The race in question is the 5K run for sports relief on March 25th. The week before is my last week of the program, so if all goes well, I should have already run the distance.

So as well as a personal accomplishment, I will be raising money for Sports relief, a very worthy cause.

If you wish to donate, my page is here, any donation, however small will be gratefully received.

So hopefully in 3 months time I can come back here and shout, Yay! I’ve done it!


Couch to 5K in 3 months!!!

Well another few months since posting, Xmas, new year and birthday have all gone by. May post on them later.

But for today it’s all about running! Yes I said running!

The beginning of the year always gets people thinking about how the new year can be different, what people want to change in their lives and setting new years resolutions.

I haven’t really set a new years resolution, but wanted to blog about my activities tonight.

I have never been into much exercise, scoff at mates at work who go running for fun, but tonight, I did it! I completed my first run!

Basically I found an app on my phone, called Couch To 5K running plan.

Of course there is a facebook page, blogs and forums to help you along. So off I go looking into it sat on my couch in my warm living room.

I start to feel quite motivated, thinking maybe I should give this a go. It starts you off at a slow pace, running and walking alternately, gradually increasing the pace until after 9 weeks you are running 5K!

The motivation of reading all about it actually got me up, into some sort of running gear that I could find at the back of the wardrobe (need to visit a sports shop I think) and off I went.

You start the app on your phone, headphones on, the app plays your music. Then this is interrupted by prompts to walk and run when the time is right. A brisk 5 minute warm up walk was followed by 60 seconds of running alternating with 90 seconds of walking. Then a brisk 5 minute walk to cool down.

Its great, I love it. I found it ok, yes it got my heart racing, made me sweat, but I wasn’t struggling too much. The area where I live is great for this kind of activity, lots of pathways on the prom and lots of circular routes I can take.

This was todays route


Ok, it’s only 1.92 miles but its a start, and it does increase as the weeks go on.

There’s all sorts of stats connected with the app, and of course you can download them to their website and update your facebook profile with your accomplishment.

The plan has you out three days a week, so my next planned run/walk is Wednesday.

I plan a visit to a sports shop to get some decent running gear and lets see how this progresses!