Gait Analysis.

Well the couch to 5K program is going well.

I compeleted day 1 of week 4 yesterday.

5 minute warm up walk, 3 minute jog, 90 second walking, 5 minute jogging then  2m 30secs walking, then repeat.

Yes, two lots of 5 minute running!!! I thought 3 minutes running last week was tough, but I did it.

The thought of having to run for 5 minutes non-stop was slightly nerve racking.

But this program is made so that the increases are do-able.

And with Gaga blaring out in my headphones, singing ‘I’m on the edge of glory…’ it kept me going.

I was on the edge of glory, then I got there, and I did it again for the second section. Non-stop running, for 3 and 5 minutes.

Reading several forums and the C25K facebook page, running is majority mental preparation. If you have a positive attitude, you can do it.

I tried and I have done it.

I think booking in for my 1st 5K run in March has really helped me. If I think of having a day or two off, I’d be behind with the program schedule and might not make the race.


So today, I had my gait analysed.

I’d bought some supposedly running shoes from JJB sports. They were very helpful in the store and the trainers did feel comfy.

Well, today I went to Ribby Hall sports shop, who proceeded to tell me that the ‘running shoes’ from JJB sports were just a basic trainer, no real support at all.

So on I went to have my gait analysed. Basically you get on a treadmill, and they film from behind, fliming your running technique. (yes, filmed from behind, butt in full view!)

I did warn the guy that I’d never been on a treadmill before, I had images of me flying off the back of it!

It’s a weird feeling being on the treadmill, it just feels as if you’ve no control at all, can’t regulate the speed or anything.

Anyway, I managed it, and as soon as he saw me, he said I had a fairly large over-pronation of my left foot. Basically my left foot turned inwards a hell of a lot. Watching it back on the screen, my leg turned in that much, it actually looked like my ankle had broken!

So he proceeded to get me a few pairs of proper running shoes, that would give me the correct support for this pronation.

And I’m pleased with the results.

A really comfy pair of running shoes, with a colour that means you will certainly see me coming! They will help my posture, and will make me continue this running lark, being as I paid £55 for them! Although that’s quite a decent price as some of the shoes in the shop were over the £100 mark!

So tomorrow I plan to complete W4D2, although, being on a late shift, I’m gonna have to get up early and run before work. Which means running in daylight! I’ve only run in darkness before, people can’t see the beetroot faced, newbie runner in the dark! So I’m gonna brave the daylight, and get the 5 minute runs done again.

I shouldn’t really look at the weeks coming up in the program, because week 5 starts off with 3 x 5 minute runs, and ends on one 20 minute run!!!!

But every week, I’ve looked at the next week and thought, no way. But I get through each week fine. Legs feel like jelly sometimes, and I know that I’ve had a work out, but I’ve done it.

So as others, elsewhere have said, have faith in the program.

And here’s to my Sports relief 5K run in March. A quick blatent self promotion and request for sponsers, any amount would make a difference.

You’ll not only keep me on the fitness/running program but you’ll be helping out people all over change their lives forever.

Here’s a the link to my giving page…