Couch to 5K in 3 months!!!

Well another few months since posting, Xmas, new year and birthday have all gone by. May post on them later.

But for today it’s all about running! Yes I said running!

The beginning of the year always gets people thinking about how the new year can be different, what people want to change in their lives and setting new years resolutions.

I haven’t really set a new years resolution, but wanted to blog about my activities tonight.

I have never been into much exercise, scoff at mates at work who go running for fun, but tonight, I did it! I completed my first run!

Basically I found an app on my phone, called Couch To 5K running plan.

Of course there is a facebook page, blogs and forums to help you along. So off I go looking into it sat on my couch in my warm living room.

I start to feel quite motivated, thinking maybe I should give this a go. It starts you off at a slow pace, running and walking alternately, gradually increasing the pace until after 9 weeks you are running 5K!

The motivation of reading all about it actually got me up, into some sort of running gear that I could find at the back of the wardrobe (need to visit a sports shop I think) and off I went.

You start the app on your phone, headphones on, the app plays your music. Then this is interrupted by prompts to walk and run when the time is right. A brisk 5 minute warm up walk was followed by 60 seconds of running alternating with 90 seconds of walking. Then a brisk 5 minute walk to cool down.

Its great, I love it. I found it ok, yes it got my heart racing, made me sweat, but I wasn’t struggling too much. The area where I live is great for this kind of activity, lots of pathways on the prom and lots of circular routes I can take.

This was todays route

Ok, it’s only 1.92 miles but its a start, and it does increase as the weeks go on.

There’s all sorts of stats connected with the app, and of course you can download them to their website and update your facebook profile with your accomplishment.

The plan has you out three days a week, so my next planned run/walk is Wednesday.

I plan a visit to a sports shop to get some decent running gear and lets see how this progresses!


Revision and comedy!

Not two things that really go together, but this is what I’ve got for this week.

I’m nearly finished my Coronary Care Course now. Only one more week to go. But next Monday, our last day, is exam day!

We have an exam on rhythm strips and ECG interpretation, medications and other things cardiac wise. Other people who have done the course say the exam isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. That doesn’t really help me at the minute.

I’m trying to revise all the information I’ve received over the last 12 weeks, but it’s hard. There’s so much information. I’ve not had an exam for years and am slightly scared! I wish I had a photographic memory!

My night shifts this week will see me with file in hand, hoping for shifts that aren’t too busy so I can get some revising done.

But to get me through the week, I’ve got Peter Kay to look forward to.

He’s doing two charity gigs at Blackpool Opera House and I was lucky enough to get two tickets today, in the stalls as well! I really wasn’t holding out much hope at success of ticket buying through ticketmaster when they went on sale today at 10am, but I was lucky.

I am taking my friend Lyn, who is arriving tomorrow morning from New Zealand! Lyn is one of my best friends from college days who now lives in Auckland and I haven’t seen her in years.

So after a week of revision, a night out with a very good friend, some laughs and a few drinks will go down well.

Then the exam on Monday!


Has it really been….

…that long since I posted in here!?!?

September 4th was my last blog, and that was only a picture.

So whats been going on since then?

I have become a student again!

Coronary Care Course at Uclan University. Every Monday sees me take the trip to Preston to learn more on Coronary care nursing.

I’m really enjoying it, it has come just at the right time. A year after starting work at CCU, I’ve settled in well, and everything that I’m studying is consolidating all I’ve worked with over the last year.

Only problem is now I have to produce 2 essays and revise for an ECG exam! Arrgghh!

I hate essays. It’s all so different from when I did my training. Library and journal searches, referencing!?!?!

I really need to motivate myself to get going. I really need to as the exam is in a few weeks and the first essay is to be submitted early December! Eek!

Half term came and went and saw me take the kids to the tower, courtesy of a win!

And yes, even I walked on the glass walkway. Very eerie and strange that was.

The glass walkway


The tower has recently been taken over by The Merlin Group, and you really can tell. There are queues all over the place!

Going up to the top of the tower itself was ok. I think once you’ve done it, you wouldn’t bother again.

But the circus was fantastic, I love the circus. And both my boys, and one friend, really enjoyed it as well. I’d definately recommend the circus. I think we may go to the circus pantomime this year.


I’m still going to Blackpool FC matches. Season ticket holding is fab!

After the last few weeks of dismal play, players, manager and fans being in very low moods, the last two games have been fantastic.

5-0 at Leeds was a revelation! Holloway seems to have finally got his team together. We’ve got that many players on the books at the moment, I don’t think he knew who was best to play. But the team that played at Elland Road have it sussed.

Only one change today, and that was forced as Evatt had 5 previous yellows so unavailable today. And the team again played really well. And Holloway actually got his subs right. A super-sub if ever there was. After only 3 minutes of coming on, Kevin Phillips had the ball in the net!

1-0 against Millwall puts us in 5th position, and I’m sure alot of happier fans, not to mention the players and Holloway!

Well hopefully it won’t be two months till I post again, and hopefully I’ll have done some of my essays!



The Gallery: World Photography Day

I have only just found The Gallery over at Tara’s Blog
I don’t pretend to be a fantastic photographer, but I have, in the last 6 months been trying to use my dslr camera more.
So novice photo shots are the order here.

The Gallery prompt this week was to celebrate World Photography Day (19th August) to remember that photo’s weren’t always available, and sometimes nowadays we take for granted the use of photo’s.

Here’s my attempt.

Kohlmais Mountian

This is a photograph I will treasure for a long time to come for many reasons.

We only came back from holiday on Monday. I won a competition way back in January for a family holiday to Austria. (I am one of those competition freaks!) This is the first time my boys have been abroad and on a plane and 12 years since I’ve been abroad. We were all very excited!

This photo was taken in the area of Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria, on the Kohlmais mountain. We went up in the cable cars, to the Montelino Adventure Path. A walk halfway down the mountain, with stations which involved tasks for the kids to do. And of course complete the tasks and fill in the correct items and you can enter a competition to win a holiday!

We had such a lovely day, and week. Of course the 30 degrees heat helped, but it was much needed family time.  Such fantastic views all around, a wonderful hotel and great family days out. A day, and week, I will remember it for a long time.