The One and Only!

Why here? Why tonight? After so long?

Here’s the story.

Quiet Sunday evening, sat watching TV, and my phone alerts me to a message.

From twitter!

Now, I don’t visit twitter that often. Usually to enter a competition or just to remember how to get on there.

Anyway, back to the phone alert.

Turns out Chesney Hawkes is following me!

The only and only Chesney Hawkes!

I’m not following him, I do remember him from the 80’s, doesn’t everyone. I saw him at Lytham Proms when he visited, but he’s not my all time favourite musician.

This got me wondering. Why has Chesney Hawkes followed me? Where did my twitter account come to his attention, and what on earth made him follow me?

So I had to reply, “Have you really just followed me?”

Chesney then favourites my tweet!

Now this is getting very random.

Tonight I just have to tweet again, people at work are either “well jel”, found it hilarious, or either have no idea who Chesney Hawkes is!

“Can’t understand where/why you found my profile to follow. You weren’t exactly my one and only? Are you stalking me? lol.

He favourites that tweet!!!

Well of course now I sound like the stalker, I’m not. Chesney will be safe from me following, hassling him, he has no worries there.

It still baffles me how on earth he found something of mine on twitter to make him follow me. Just goes to show, the little bits of information you put onto the interweb can end up anywhere in the world.

I might actually be looking too much into this and he randomly picks someone on twitter to follow!

Thanks Chesney, you made my Monday much more interesting and gave my colleagues and myself a good laugh in the office.



I don’t post on here as often as I should, I know.

Every now and then I remember I have a blog, go and have a look and think basically it’s full of just my ramblings, nothing really important.

Well remembering about this place tonight, I come on, realise I’ve not been on for ages again, but then see I’m getting views on my blog!

Ok, it’s not hundreds of views, maybe one or two here and there, but then it makes me wonder where these people come from to view my inane ramblings that are very few and far between.

I have no idea! I have no idea what they get out of my oral splurge!

Anyway, thats all for now. Maybe in a few weeks/months I’ll remember again that I do have a blog and actually post something worth reading!


Decision made!

Well the decision is made. Well it was made a few weeks ago but of course I’ve not been on here!

I ended up going for the safe mode. I really was going for the risky one, then I wasn’t, then I was! It really was a tough decision.

It was basically a job that would enhance my skills, but it was only a years contract, and I wouldn’t have a guaranteed job at the end of it. I had a lot of input from confidants at work, urging me to take the job, but on the same hand not wanting me to leave my current job because they didn’t want me to go.

I was still going for the post, interview all set, 10 minute presentation on the go. Then I actually worked out the financial situation, a drop in hours and a drop in unsocial hours payments I would lose.

And wow! My conclusion was that I work a hell of alot of unsocial hours in the job I do at the moment!

Basically to many to be able to drop down to what this job entailed.

Being the only wage earner in the household really sets you up for sticking at your job, earning the money you do.

So I retracted my application, didn’t go for the interview. Had a lovely conversation with the manager of the post I was applying for, and she totally understood my reasons.

So for now, things are the same, routine and carrying on as normal.

Somehow, maybe this was meant to happen. I do believe things happen for a reason. I will get where I want to, whatever and wherever that is!


Decisions, decisions!

I have to make a decision soon.

And I am so undecided.

One way is by playing safe, Do what I know and keep things on an even keel but no progress, but a safe future.

The other way is to take a risk, do something that may only last for a year, and then see what occurs after the year is up. This choice will make me grow, I’ll be doing something new and different to what I’m used to, but there may not be any future in it. It may only be temporary. There may be some future in it, but its not knowing that makes me scared.

I’ve always played safe, do the right thing.

Maybe it is time for me to be daring and just believe if things are meant to happen, they will.

Oh Dear!

Oops, how many months has it been?

A fair few!

So much for blogging once a week. Why do I find it hard to carry on with something that I’ve started.

Anyway, good news is I did complete the 5K race for sports relief. The medal is proudly hung on my wall.

Started the 10K program, but as with this blog, it’s kind of taken a back seat.

Work seems to be taking up all my time at the moment. Alot of night shifts. Basically the work just seems to take me away from the home life.

Well, this is only a quick update, will promise to return soon and blog something interesting!

In fact, I’ve just won two tickets to see The Clone Roses at Blackpool Winter Gardens on Friday, so I will aim to return and tell you all about it!


Gait Analysis.

Well the couch to 5K program is going well.

I compeleted day 1 of week 4 yesterday.

5 minute warm up walk, 3 minute jog, 90 second walking, 5 minute jogging then  2m 30secs walking, then repeat.

Yes, two lots of 5 minute running!!! I thought 3 minutes running last week was tough, but I did it.

The thought of having to run for 5 minutes non-stop was slightly nerve racking.

But this program is made so that the increases are do-able.

And with Gaga blaring out in my headphones, singing ‘I’m on the edge of glory…’ it kept me going.

I was on the edge of glory, then I got there, and I did it again for the second section. Non-stop running, for 3 and 5 minutes.

Reading several forums and the C25K facebook page, running is majority mental preparation. If you have a positive attitude, you can do it.

I tried and I have done it.

I think booking in for my 1st 5K run in March has really helped me. If I think of having a day or two off, I’d be behind with the program schedule and might not make the race.


So today, I had my gait analysed.

I’d bought some supposedly running shoes from JJB sports. They were very helpful in the store and the trainers did feel comfy.

Well, today I went to Ribby Hall sports shop, who proceeded to tell me that the ‘running shoes’ from JJB sports were just a basic trainer, no real support at all.

So on I went to have my gait analysed. Basically you get on a treadmill, and they film from behind, fliming your running technique. (yes, filmed from behind, butt in full view!)

I did warn the guy that I’d never been on a treadmill before, I had images of me flying off the back of it!

It’s a weird feeling being on the treadmill, it just feels as if you’ve no control at all, can’t regulate the speed or anything.

Anyway, I managed it, and as soon as he saw me, he said I had a fairly large over-pronation of my left foot. Basically my left foot turned inwards a hell of a lot. Watching it back on the screen, my leg turned in that much, it actually looked like my ankle had broken!

So he proceeded to get me a few pairs of proper running shoes, that would give me the correct support for this pronation.

And I’m pleased with the results.

A really comfy pair of running shoes, with a colour that means you will certainly see me coming! They will help my posture, and will make me continue this running lark, being as I paid £55 for them! Although that’s quite a decent price as some of the shoes in the shop were over the £100 mark!

So tomorrow I plan to complete W4D2, although, being on a late shift, I’m gonna have to get up early and run before work. Which means running in daylight! I’ve only run in darkness before, people can’t see the beetroot faced, newbie runner in the dark! So I’m gonna brave the daylight, and get the 5 minute runs done again.

I shouldn’t really look at the weeks coming up in the program, because week 5 starts off with 3 x 5 minute runs, and ends on one 20 minute run!!!!

But every week, I’ve looked at the next week and thought, no way. But I get through each week fine. Legs feel like jelly sometimes, and I know that I’ve had a work out, but I’ve done it.

So as others, elsewhere have said, have faith in the program.

And here’s to my Sports relief 5K run in March. A quick blatent self promotion and request for sponsers, any amount would make a difference.

You’ll not only keep me on the fitness/running program but you’ll be helping out people all over change their lives forever.

Here’s a the link to my giving page…



5K run in March!!!

Well, I don’t know if I’m running before I can walk (excuse the pun) but after finishing week one of the ‘couch to 5K‘ program, I’ve only gone and booked a 5K run in March! Yep, an official run, one where you wear a number and supposedly look like a proper runner!


Although, I have enjoyed this week, and have got along really well with the walk/run program of it all.

Gradually over the next 9 weeks I will hopefully get to the stage of running the whole 3 miles!

I’m easily put off, never really finish anything I start. Hence the booking the race. It may just be the motivation I need to actually accomplish something.

The race in question is the 5K run for sports relief on March 25th. The week before is my last week of the program, so if all goes well, I should have already run the distance.

So as well as a personal accomplishment, I will be raising money for Sports relief, a very worthy cause.

If you wish to donate, my page is here, any donation, however small will be gratefully received.

So hopefully in 3 months time I can come back here and shout, Yay! I’ve done it!