I’m a 40 something (although I might add alot of people think I look younger) mum to two boys (aged 11 and 9) and long suffering wife to husband of nearly 12 years.

I am a registered general nurse working in a Cardiac Unit. I have just recently started working on the unit after having tried for a while to get on the unit. I can now actually say I love my job.

I am a big fan of Blackpool FC and go to a fair few of their games. I’m not the most informed on the tactics of football, although I can explain the offside rule! I just love the atmosphere and really enjoy supporting my local team.

(Edit to say I now have a season ticket for 2011/12 season. Here’s to staying up in the Premiership!)

I generally live life as it comes, I do spend alot of time on the computer (my husband is constantly telling me this)

I enter, or try to enter lots of competitions, meddle about on facebook and on twitter.

So I am now asking myself why on earth have I started a blog!

6/6/16  Update.

Long story, which I may very well blog about, as to why I am here again after so many years.

It’s like coming back to an old friend.

Anyway, my life has certainly changed from above, I’m still a 40 something (of course I’ve not aged) mum of two, who are unbelievably 16 and 15!

No longer married, well still officially married but separated. (Another blog story for that one but enough to say, I’m happy now, alot happy actually)

Have a new relationship, making me very happy, still living life as it comes, lots of stories in the last few years that have taught me to live life to the full as you don’t know what is coming round the corner. As the late great Mohammad Ali said “Live everyday as if it were your last because someday your’re going to be right!”



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