The One and Only!

Why here? Why tonight? After so long?

Here’s the story.

Quiet Sunday evening, sat watching TV, and my phone alerts me to a message.

From twitter!

Now, I don’t visit twitter that often. Usually to enter a competition or just to remember how to get on there.

Anyway, back to the phone alert.

Turns out Chesney Hawkes is following me!

The only and only Chesney Hawkes!

I’m not following him, I do remember him from the 80’s, doesn’t everyone. I saw him at Lytham Proms when he visited, but he’s not my all time favourite musician.

This got me wondering. Why has Chesney Hawkes followed me? Where did my twitter account come to his attention, and what on earth made him follow me?

So I had to reply, “Have you really just followed me?”

Chesney then favourites my tweet!

Now this is getting very random.

Tonight I just have to tweet again, people at work are either “well jel”, found it hilarious, or either have no idea who Chesney Hawkes is!

“Can’t understand where/why you found my profile to follow. You weren’t exactly my one and only? Are you stalking me? lol.

He favourites that tweet!!!

Well of course now I sound like the stalker, I’m not. Chesney will be safe from me following, hassling him, he has no worries there.

It still baffles me how on earth he found something of mine on twitter to make him follow me. Just goes to show, the little bits of information you put onto the interweb can end up anywhere in the world.

I might actually be looking too much into this and he randomly picks someone on twitter to follow!

Thanks Chesney, you made my Monday much more interesting and gave my colleagues and myself a good laugh in the office.


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