Decision made!

Well the decision is made. Well it was made a few weeks ago but of course I’ve not been on here!

I ended up going for the safe mode. I really was going for the risky one, then I wasn’t, then I was! It really was a tough decision.

It was basically a job that would enhance my skills, but it was only a years contract, and I wouldn’t have a guaranteed job at the end of it. I had a lot of input from confidants at work, urging me to take the job, but on the same hand not wanting me to leave my current job because they didn’t want me to go.

I was still going for the post, interview all set, 10 minute presentation on the go. Then I actually worked out the financial situation, a drop in hours and a drop in unsocial hours payments I would lose.

And wow! My conclusion was that I work a hell of alot of unsocial hours in the job I do at the moment!

Basically to many to be able to drop down to what this job entailed.

Being the only wage earner in the household really sets you up for sticking at your job, earning the money you do.

So I retracted my application, didn’t go for the interview. Had a lovely conversation with the manager of the post I was applying for, and she totally understood my reasons.

So for now, things are the same, routine and carrying on as normal.

Somehow, maybe this was meant to happen. I do believe things happen for a reason. I will get where I want to, whatever and wherever that is!



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